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New CVS Limit For Vanilla Reloads Prepaid Cards Limit is $5000 Per Transaction

I heard something interesting this evening. I was at the NYC Reach for the Miles meetup hosted by Mike at and FlyerTalk member ST1575 had mentioned to me there was speculation on FlyerTalk for a few days now that CVS was planning to raise its Vanilla Reload limit. Up until now, the limit was actually $1,000 per customer per day. 

Later that evening, as ST1575 and I were listening to MilesAbound talk about wine (a very interesting conversation!), I received an email from reader Namaste-Duniya confirming the new policy with a memo. CVS has a new policy for Vanilla Reloads and prepaid cards with the following:

  • Limit of $5,000 per transaction.
  • ID Scans at $1,000.
  • Limit of $5,000 per customer/per day.
  • Limit of 10 pre-paid cards per day.

For those of us that use Vanilla Reloads to pay large bills such as rent, mortgage or student loans, this makes life far easier. We’ll no longer need to make several trips to the CVS just to pay our monthly bills! increase 

Update 8/1/2013: Since the writing of this post, I learned that @gster78 on Twitter actually tweeted about the new CVS policy on July 23. I missed the tweet (unfortunately, or I’d be buying more Vanilla Reloads when I was upstate), but he did announce it!

Update 7/31/2013: I have received confirmations with receipts concerning the new limit and have include the information in this post: CVS Stores Raise Vanilla Reload/Prepaid Card Limit.

Update 7/30/2013: I have not personally gone and purchased Vanilla Reloads or any other prepaid cards to test the new policy and, as TravelBlawg pointed out to me on Twitter after I posted, it may take time for the CVS registers to be recoded to be able to process these transactions.

Here’s a snapshot of what Namaste-Duniya sent me. Thank you very much, Namaste-Duniya, for sharing this with me!

Vanilla Reloads CVS Limit

Vanilla Reloads New CVS Policy

ST1575 and I found the news quite favorable as we do use Vanilla Reloads to pay our bills and earn miles. MilesAbound would have liked to talk more about wine and could have dealt without the conversation interruption!

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  1. Mr. Cool says

    большенство продавцов еле еле могут продать на $500. тем более на $5k… у них глаза на лоб лезут

  2. SJCRussell says

    Looks like the 10/day limit is CVS wide not just per store. They use and keep the ID info to stop abuse. It was reported on FT that they can see this across their local network.

  3. Kent C says

    Not sure I understand the benefit. You can do max of $5,000 per month to Bluebird regardless of whether you get $1,000 in VR per day or $5,000 in one shot. In the end after a year, the most you could apply to BB would be $60,000. Are you loading VR to other cards besides BB? I understand the benefit of hitting a CVS just once in a month to max out the $5,000 instead of 5 times for $1,000 but curious where the additional point benefits come from this new policy.


    • says

      Yes, that’s completely true. The Bluebird limit does not go up and you can’t really get more points overall provided you are willing to go to CVS frequently. But it does make a single CVS visit more profitable if one has little time for these sorts of things, which I do :)

      • Kent C says

        No, you’re right. Real hassle and waste of gas going so many times to max it out. Better to do it in one shot. Thanks for the tip. I go through many blogs a day and you have one of the best, especially when it comes to info I can’t find anywere else which is saying something. You’re also easier on the eyes than Daraius, but I digress.

  4. Robert says

    So, does it mean that a $1K daily limit with BlueBird would let me load my account simply five times with the newly purchased VR card with $5K on it??

      • Robert says

        I just spoke to a CVS representative who was called by a pharmacist (all of a sudden!) to overwrite the transaction and was told ‘we do not have new cards yet’ in response to my question about $1K and/or $5K limit :) I’d assume he thought that some sort of new cards will be released.

      • Robert says

        Oops! I just realized after reading you yesterday’s comments on new CVS policy that it’s not a $5K purchase on ONE VR card but rather a combined transaction of a few vanilla cards :)

  5. ang says

    i know the limit is $5k to load on to bluebird and you can purchase up to $5k a day at CVS, but is there a limit as to how much you can buy a month at CVS? say if i already bought $5k at CVS this month and i want to buy more later this month for my mom so my mom can load her card. is this allowed or is it also capped at $5k total a month? thanks TMP! =)

  6. David Phillips says

    are there other places besides bluebird where you can use these vanilla cards? I have been using and loving mine but only depositing in bluebird and would love to find a way to maximize these miles and do more than 5 grand a month


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